Ransomware Attacks with Real-World Consequences

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Ransomware groups have taken their attacks to a dangerous new level in recent months, targeting ubiquitous software used by business, government agencies and critical infrastructure, and revealing multiple vulnerabilities in the software supply chain.

Among them was the SolarWinds attack, discovered at the end of 2020. More recently, a ransomware attack crippled the Colonial Pipeline for nearly a week in May, sending millions along the U.S. East Coast scrambling for gas. Also in May, the JBS meat packing company, which supplies more than one-fifth of all beef in the United States, was forced to halt operations after its plants were pushed offline. In July, the networks of at least 200 U.S. companies were paralyzed when the REvil ransomware syndicate attacked software supplier Kaseya.

The lesson throughout: One piece of software can bring down your business — even if it wasn’t the direct target.

SC Media, in partnership with Sophos, launched the Ransomware Center of Excellence to provide in-depth news, analysis and perspective about those challenges, as well as potential tactics to address security gaps that can mean the difference between disaster and chaos, or a quick recovery during and after a ransomware attack.

Ransomware Attacks with Real-World Consequences