Root Causes of Ransomware

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Again and again, ransomware tops lists of cybersecurity threats for good reason. Ransomware has attacked tens of thousands of organizations from small to very large, brought down hospitals, pipelines, food production conglomerates, police stations and even entire cities. But the key to mitigating this scourge is understanding that ransomware is not your real problem. It is the outcome of your real problem, which is often related to social engineering and phishing. Without a way in through the vulnerable human layer or unpatched software, ransomware would have less opportunity to cause operational interruption and damage. This whitepaper, by KnowBe4’s own Data-driven Defense Evangelist Roger Grimes, explores the root causes of ransomware based on a review of industry research and offers advice for mitigating ransomware risk in your organization. Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • How ransomware typically finds its way into a network
  • The prevalence of various kinds of ransomware entry points
  • Tips for mitigating your ransomware risk

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Root Causes of Ransomware