Stemming the rising tide of fraud with machine learning and AI

Discussion Topics

Today, successful fraud attempts outnumber those that are stopped.* This makes security and risk experts wonder, “How can we turn the tide?”

The answer lies in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which gather and analyze huge vast amounts of historical data to find identify fraudulent patterns and suspicious transactions.

This webcast will explain the AI/ML fraud detection lifecycle and show how these solutions:

  • Assess the risk of consumer transactions by looking at data like such as phone features, the speed at which phone numbers change, online traffic patterns, and fraud records.
  • Give businesses the ability to tell the difference between normal consumer behavior and suspicious transactions, so they can stop account takeover scams, international revenue share fraud, and chargeback fraud in real time.
  • Help lower the costs of fraud and the loss of consumer trust after a breach.