The State of Enterprise Security Controls

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The State of Enterprise Security Controls report by Veriti Research offers an unprecedented look into the challenges and opportunities facing organizations today. With insights derived from an extensive analysis of over 715 million logs and more than 100 different security controls, this report is your guide to taking your cybersecurity strategy to the next level.


  • Benchmark Your Security Posture: With about 50% of enterprises experiencing disruptions from essential security measures, understand where you stand and how you can improve.
  • Navigate Through Vulnerability Assessment Challenges: Uncover why 75% of organizations fail to execute comprehensive scans and how you can enhance your vulnerability management practices.
  • Embrace Proactive Remediation: Adopt offensive security and remediation strategies that have been proven to mitigate risks without disrupting business operations, as demonstrated by users of Veriti performing an average of 67 non-disruptive remediations a week.

Transform your cybersecurity strategy from reactive to proactive. Secure your enterprise’s future by downloading the report today and take the first step towards a more secure tomorrow.

The State of Enterprise Security Controls