Threat Intel Leveraged to Secure Systems and Educate Executives

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Organizations understand the important role threat intelligence solutions play in maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture, particularly with the rise of ransomware. According to findings in a survey from CRA Business Intelligence, the research and content arm of the cybersecurity data and insights company CyberRisk Alliance, they also leverage threat intel to educate executives.

In today’s rapidly changing threat landscape, early actionable access to credible threat intel is critical. According to the respondents surveyed, which included 183 security and IT leaders and executives, security administrators, and compliance professionals in the United States, threat intelligence is critical to arm Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Response teams with the data needed to make timely, informed decisions that prevent system downtime, thwart the theft of confidential data, and protect intellectual property.

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Threat Intel Leveraged to Secure Systems and Educate Executives


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