Why Your Employees’ Passwords Need Enterprise-grade Protection

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Attackers will target anyone in your organization that might have access to resources they want – including everyday employees and their business application passwords. They know that the definition of privilege has changed, because workforce users constantly traverse the risk spectrum, moving between typical and high-risk access behaviors and depending on tools used and tasks performed. Meaning that at any time a workforce user can become a privileged user.

Many enterprises turn to single sign-on (SSO) to reduce password usage, but a wide range of apps don’t support SSO or use modern identity protocols. To fill the gap, enterprises often use password manager tools designed for personal use, which introduce risk into the environment. These tools are not built for business enterprises and in many cases, users can save passwords in their browsers, a key entry point for attackers.

Employees’ passwords should be protected with the same security-first approach that organizations apply to privileged users’ credentials, while still enabling a streamlined user experience. This whitepaper provides insights on how to achieve a balance between both areas.

Explore how to achieve:

  • Security-first password storage and retrieval
  • Safe credential management and sharing
  • Frictionless — and secure — user experience
  • End-to-end visibility for IT and security teams
Why Your Employees’ Passwords Need Enterprise-grade Protection