TechCrunch reports that Apigee X, the Apigee API management platform’s next major offering, has been released by Google Cloud. According to Google Cloud’s head of platform Amit Zavery, the platform now handles approximately 2.2 trillion API calls each year, up 47% from the previous year. The updates would allow users to use Google’s caching services in over 100 edge locations and distribute APIs across 24 Google Cloud regions. Apigee X also integrates Google’s Cloud Identity Access Management platform and Cloud Armor firewall, and enhances Google’s AI capabilities. “We can predict any kind of malicious intent or any other things which might happen to those API calls or your traffic by embedding a lot of those insights into our API platform. I think [that] is a big improvement, as well as new features, especially in operations management, security management, vulnerability management and making those a core capability so that as a business, you don’t have to worry about all these things,” said Zavery.