VMware has announced its impending purchase of security vendor Mesh7 for an undisclosed amount, according to Network World. Tom Gillis, VMware’s networking and security business unit senior vice president and general manager, said the deal, combined with product enhancements from the company’s other recent acquisitions, would allow the company to pursue its goals of maintaining reliable connectivity, speedy and seamless automated changes and dynamic service discovery amid its expansion onto multi-cloud environments. Mesh7 is capable of creating service interaction graphs, flow maps and app data, and also performs continuous baselining and drift detection from sanctioned behavior covering APIs, data, service interaction graphs, services, data flow maps, and messages as well as cloud infrastructure access. VMware will incorporate Mesh7’s technology into its Tanzu Service Mesh, providing greater insight into applications components’ use of APIs to communicate with each other. “Developers and Security teams will each gain a better understanding of when, where and how applications and microservices are communicating via APIs, even across multi-cloud environments, enabling better DevSecOps,” Gillis said.