Cybersecurity provider WatchGuard, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and buoyed by vendors, has added more functions to its cloud platform as it transitions to more of a managed security services provider, MicroScope reported. The company now provides partners a single interface through which they are able to perform advanced threat detection, multi-factor authentication and network security management. “Everything we do has always been really aimed at enabling the channel, and the managed service community has been one that we have put a huge amount of effort into lately,” said Northern Europe Vice President Jonathan Whitley. He noted the boom in demand for cloud-based multi-factor authentication that arose during the pandemic and the rise in remote working. The company has made several acquisitions recently to support its enhancement of its cloud platform, including its purchase of Panda, which allowed increased deployment of artificial intelligence for virus detection. Whitely further revealed that MSSP points account for 10% of the company’s revenue from the United Kingdom and that this share has been growing each quarter.