The U.S. Department of Justice has indicted Russian national Igor Dekhtyarchuk, who was also included in the FBI's Cyber Most Wanted List for establishing and running a cybercrime marketplace that facilitated the trade of stolen credit cards, compromised devices or accounts, and personal data, according to BleepingComputer. "Dekhtyarchuk began advertising the sale of compromised account data in Russian language hacker forums in April 2018 and opened Marketplace A in May 2018. Dekhtyarchuk immediately began advertising Marketplace A and the products it sold in May 2018. As of May 2021, Dekhtyarchuk, through Marketplace A, publicly advertised that he has sold over 48,000 compromised email accounts, 25,000 compromised Company B accounts, and 19,000 compromised Company A accounts," the Justice Department said in the indictment. Meanwhile, the FBI has noted that Dekhtyarchuk, who is also known as "Floraby", has been facing charges of access device fraud, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft. Advanced Intel CEO Vitali Kremez said that Floraby was the source of brute-forced accounts offered in the BAYACC marketplace.