Edna Conway, Cisco's CSO for its Global Supply Chain, talked up an operations management approach where security is enforced from product R&D to its end of life stage.

Conway, who spoke at SC Congress New York on Tuesday, said that supply chain security “starts from the cradle to the grave,” which includes build out and quality assurance phases, along with distribution points where goods can be exposed to malicious insiders or cyber espionage attackers.

She and other panelists at the session, called “Supply Chain Security: It's a brave new world,” called for security experts, suppliers, third-parties and the government to communicate, using each's expertise to pinpoint and address supply chain threats.

NYU School of Law senior fellow Judith Germano (of Germano Law) spoke on the panel, along with Darren Van Booven, CISO for the U.S. House of Representatives.