When asked how to deal with both cyber attacks and cyberespionage stemming from both state sponsored and criminal organization within the former Soviet Union, Ivo Daalder, president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, said it's a "complicated battlefield." 

As one of experts discussing foreign policy options toward Russia at the Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) panel, "HBO: What to Do About Russia" Tuesday in New York, Daalder called the U.S. government's capacity to put together a counter cyberstrategy extraordinarily complicated because it has limited resources.

Daalder added the cooperation of private industry is needed to help address cyber threats stemming from Russia and other threat actors. He noted the government and private sector had a certain level of cooperation before the Snowden revelations. Cyber issues differ from traditional foreign policy, which include the use of hard military power, because cyberspace is not owned and operated by the state, Daalder said.