Russian hacktivist group Killnet has claimed to launch a distributed denial-of-service attack against the FBI's law enforcement resources site, according to Newsweek. In a post on its Telegram page, Killnet included a photo indicating a failed attempt to infiltrate the website of the FBI. Another account by the name of "RADIS," which mentions "Killnet team" on its bio, initially shared the post before later posting another message on Telegram expressing support to Russia and Killnet, but its connection to Killnet remains uncertain. While the FBI's website appeared to have no functional issues stemming from the purported attack when accessed by Newsweek on Monday morning, cybersecurity services firm Better Cyber reported that the site was unreachable. Killnet's claims of a DDoS attack against the FBI site come almost a month after the hacktivist collective compromised various U.S. airports' websites. Numerous U.S. state government sites and Lockheed Martin were also among the recent victims of Killnet.