VentureBeat reports that open XDR provider Stellar Cyber has nabbed $38 million in a Series B funding round, bringing total raised funds to over $68 million.

Stellar Cyber touts that its Open XDR platform that collates data from networks, clouds, applications, endpoints and other sources provides 360-degree visibility in identifying and responding to attacks. Compatible with existing EDR, UEBA, NDR and SIEM solutions, Stellar Cyber's platform enables an eightfold and 20-fold reduction in mean detection and remediation times, respectively.

"Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR solution stands out with the most comprehensive in-house security modules at both frontend and backend, offering better integration and more effective incident correlation at a lower cost. The product has [a] natural synergy with endpoint security solutions like Samsung Knox, an enterprise-level mobile security solution," said Caroline Rehfuss, an investor at Samsung Next, which participated in the funding round.

Rehfuss added that Stellar Cyber's solution would help companies bolster remote security.