While future security threats could come in a variety of forms, members of an SC Congress New York's panel “Tomorrow's Threats” cited two of the most pressing concerns as wearable technology and newer payment technology, like Apple Pay.

Glenn Watt, vice president, information security and data privacy, Medidata Solutions, noted Apple Pay could present a big target for hackers. “It might be very, very tough to break through,” he said. “But if you can break it, wow, you've got a goldmine.”

Michael Riley, cybersecurity reporter at Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine, added that biometrics paired with the payment system present a separate arsenal of threats. 

Watt also called the world of wearable technology the, “wild, wild west” of IT security. 

“I really see [the devices] as a pot of gold for hackers about a lot of people,” he said.