StateScoop reports that most state IT leaders are opting to share information security systems and capabilities with local governments rather than employ sub-granting amid the ongoing distribution of first-year funds under the federal cybersecurity grant program. New Hampshire, which has been given nearly $2.5 million for the grant's first year, will be tasking its state Department of Information Technology to assist in facilitating multi-factor authentication implementation, cybersecurity training for IT workers, and .gov domain migration for local governments and school districts, with state Chief Information Security Officer Ken Weeks noting at the National Association of State CIOs meeting that state IT officials and a representative from the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency would be touring the state to encourage local governments to enroll in security services. Meanwhile, Illinois CISO Adam Ford noted that most of the state's $4.4 million grant would be allocated toward offering statewide security operations center services to local governments. "To me the shared services approach makes the most sense. Were trying to reach every unit of government, not just the units that have an IT department or grants management department," Ford added.