CyberScoop reports that several government organizations and private entities across various NATO-aligned countries had their systems claimed to be compromised by the KittenSec hacktivist group, which asserted that it sought to expose corruption with its attacks. After claiming to have hacked numerous Romanian government systems, from which it was able to leak nearly 36 GB of data excluding personal details, in late July, KittenSec later admitted to obtaining data from 13 million individuals stolen targets in Chile, France, Greece, Italy, and Panama. More NATO countries are also being planned to be targeted by KittenSec, which confirmed associations with the SiegedSec and ThreatSec hacktivist operations, also expressed plans. SentinelOne Senior Threat Researcher Tom Hegel expressed doubts regarding KittenSec's legitimacy as a hacktivist operation. "In the ever-shifting threat landscape, hacktivist groups are redefining themselves, with their motives intertwined and agendas blurred. These groups are now tools in the hands of nation-states, concealing their operations behind hacktivist facades," Hegel added.