Cybercriminals may likely be able to gain access to state-developed cyberwarfare tools through the dark web, CNBC reports. Such phenomena may be possible in a "couple of years," according to Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock. "That is a major concern in the physical world weapons that are used on the battlefield and tomorrow will be used by organized crime groups. The same applies for the digital weapons that, maybe today are used by the military, developed by military, and tomorrow will be available for criminals," said Stock during a World Economic Forum panel moderated by CNBC. Stock also emphasized that the increasing worry over a potential cyberwar amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine should prompt greater collaboration between business leaders and governments in defending against cybercrime. "On the one hand, we are aware of whats going on on the other hand, we need the data, which are in the private sector. We need your [cyber breach] reports. Without your reports, we are blind," he added.