A third-party provider is being blamed for a possible breach into customer transactions at GunMag Warehouse, according to The Firearms Blog.

The breach seemed to affect Reddit users who ordered rifle magazines (the ammunition-storing component, not the print product) from the distributor of print magazines for "the shooting community."

Some customers reported transactions on their credit card statements of anywhere from 28 cents to thousands of dollars after Reddit online transactions purchasing a six-pack of rifle magazines, Hexmag AR-15.

Michael Lambka, president of GunMag Warehouse, apologized for the security incursion and said his company hired cybersecurity experts at Securi who isolated and patched a flaw in a third-party module update on the e-commerce platform.

Credit card information is not stored on servers of GunMag Warehouse, he added. Additional security measure have been put in place "to ensure our site has redundant security points." he said.