Bots accounted for 57% of cyberattacks against e-commerce websites during the past year, compared with only 33% for other industries, reports VentureBeat. The Imperva study revealed that monthly bot attack volumes on retail sites increased by 13% between 2020 and 2021, with sophisticated bad bots also increasing in prevalence during the same period. Such bots do not only feature advanced human behavior-mimicking capabilities, but also have the ability to facilitate account takeovers, inventory denials and fraud, according to researchers. Researchers also found that data leakage was the primary type of web application attack against e-commerce sites, accounting for 31.3% of retail web app attacks this year, compared with only 26.9% for all other industries. Attempted account takeover attacks were also more common in retail websites, compared with other industries. Meanwhile, e-commerce sites also experienced a 200% rise in distributed denial-of-service incidents in September, with the increase likely due to the Meris botnet.