CyberScoop reports that various industry leaders will be asked by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency "in the next couple of days" to advise on cybersecurity incident reporting's regulatory structure. Collaborating with industry could help ensure the creation of a regulatory system that would not adversely impact the private sector, noted CISA Director Jen Easterly at the Billington Cybersecurity Summit. "This will finally allow us a much better understanding whats going on across the ecosystem. We dont want to burden industry and we don't want to burden the federal government with noise either," said Easterly, adding that several listening sessions are also being considered to ensure a "consultative" rule-making process. Easterly also emphasized the importance of defensive cybersecurity against increasing threats. "Theres amazing, amazing talent out there in the defense community, and we need to harness that to make sure that we are building and defending a secure and resilient ecosystem to make adversaries jobs much harder," she added.