Despite the increasing prevalence and sophistication of cyberattacks, only 50% of security professionals in the U.S. and across EMEA noted their organizations have adequate funding for cybersecurity, while only 10% noted being prepared to protect their most important assets, TechRepublic reports. Hybrid working has increased organizational dependence on third-party staff and resource providers for 85% of respondents, while 78% of respondents noting the larger attack surface stemming from third parties, a survey by the Neustar International Security Council showed. Distributed denial-of-service attacks, system compromise, and ransomware incidents have been cited as the greatest perceived threats but most surveyed enterprises admitted outsourcing DDoS mitigation efforts. "With mounting budget pressures, IT and security teams are once again being asked to do more with less, which will likely accelerate the adoption of service-based offerings that allow enterprises to flexibly scale up resources based on demand," said Neustar Security Services Senior Vice President of Solutions Carlos Morales.