The online tool Have I Been Pwned now allows people to confirm if their phone numbers were included in a recent data breach involving Facebook, BBC reports. According to Facebook, the exposed data is part of a 2019 breach and they had "found and fixed" the issue. However, the information was leaked and made publicly available in a hacking forum. A total of 533 million individuals from 106 countries have had their information compromised, including 30 million Facebook users in the U.S., 11 million in the U.K. and 7 million in Australia. "Only a few million email addresses" and 500 million phone numbers were leaked, said Have I Been Pwned's Troy Hunt. An "unprecedented traffic" to the website after the Facebook incident prompted Hunt to add the phone number search function. "I wanted to ensure Have I Been Pwned could answer that question for everyone, not just a tiny slice of people," Hunt said.