SiliconANGLE reports that the Verified CloudConnect service offered by authID has been integrated with Okta's Workforce Identity Cloud. Okta's Workforce and Customer Identity and Access Management platform currently employs cryptographic FIDO2 passkeys to protect the desktop and mobile devices of workforce users and customers. AuthID's Verified CloudConnect strengthens security with its Human Factor Authentication feature, helping users eliminate passwords entirely and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Verified CloudConnect enables human factor authorization across enterprise cloud, legacy systems, and software-as-a-service on Okta by means of OpenID Connect protocols and an application programming interface-first methodology. It also lets users gain access to further security methods including Identity and Access Management, Privileged Access Management and Endpoint Detection and Response from other providers. "By reducing the risk of unauthorized access, account takeover and password-based attacks while ensuring user experience goes uninterrupted, our Human Factor Authentication accelerates the move to zero trust for any organization, said authID CEO Tom Thimot.