Google Cloud and AT&T said they are releasing more services to help customers develop 5G-based applications that could run at the network edge or on-premises, according to ZDNet. The first service allows organizations to use Google Cloud capabilities including Kubernetes and AI to develop and run applications, and to deploy them on-premises through the 5G and Multi-access Edge Compute services offered by AT&T. With the second service, users may deploy applications at Google edge points of presence, which would be connected to the Internet through AT&T's 5G and fiber networks. The new services effectively result in "the 5G network with a fully-managed, multi-access edge compute offering that has all of the Google cloud capabilities," and provides organizations with more flexibility to store their data either in the cloud, in a customer data center or on-premises, which also enhances their control over data security, bandwidth and latency, according to Rasesh Patel, AT&T's chief product and platform officer for business. The integration of 5G and edge computing is expected to benefit industries such as manufacturing, health care, entertainment and retail.