Verizon and Microsoft have entered into a partnership to produce an on-premises private edge compute solution catering to enterprises, ZDNet reports.

The new solution will “enable the ultra-low latency needed to deploy real-time enterprise applications” by using Verizon 5G Edge and Microsoft Azure Stack Edge, according to the companies.

Verizon Business Chief Revenue Officer Sampath Sowmyanarayan added that the product will provide “increased efficiencies, higher levels of security, and the low lag and high bandwidth needed for applications involving computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, and machine learning.”

The partnership is a product of the two companies’ collaboration that started in 2020, which aimed to provide near-real-time information processing, which customers may use to gain actionable insights for ensuring accurate inventories and to support fast and flexible supply chains, according to Verizon.

The solution also aims to provide manufacturers with reduced downtime as well as greater visibility into their processes and to optimize asset performance, the companies said.