Amid the recent Facebook scandal, a recent study found 31 percent of tech workers said they will delete their accounts on the popular social media platform.

A Team Blind survey polled more than 2,600 users between March 20, 2018 and March 24, 2018 and found nearly a third of respondents said they would delete their accounts following the Cambridge Analytica mishap.

Many of the respondents cited privacy as one of the main causes that lead to their decision.

“I used to be hyper-sensitive to privacy online. I've accepted that privacy online is a false illusion,” an Amazon employee said on the Team Blind forum.

Of those that said they would delete their accounts, researchers also went as far as to break down the top five companies tech companies (as calculated by highest volume of responses) as well as the responses from Facebook employees.

The study found 50 percent were of Microsoft employees, 46 percent were Snap employees, 40 percent were Uber employees, 38 percent were Google employees, 34 percent Amazon employees, and only 2 percent were Facebook employees.

It is unclear whether or not the respondents actually went through and deleted their accounts after responding, researchers said.