ShopRite supermarket customers who patronized the chain's store in Kingston, N.Y. may have had their payment card and some health information compromised when the store improperly discarded an electronic signature device used in the store's pharmacy.

Wakefern Food Corp., Shoprite's parent organization, said that in February 2016 the store threw away an electronic signature device from the pharmacy that had been used from 2005 to 2016. The device, which was signed by customers who picked up a prescription, stored a wide array of information including, names, phone numbers, dates of birth, prescription numbers, medication names, the person's signature, driver's license numbers and any over-the-counter product containing pseudoephedrine. It did not retain Social Security numbers and credit card information.

The company does not believe any of the information contained within the device has been used for nefarious purposes, but it has notified all customers as a precautionary measure. The chain has also implemented stronger policies for the removal of data from devices that are to be discarded.