Israeli authorities are reportedly investigating a hacker's claims on Twitter that he successfully breached the country's voter registry in the days leading up to tomorrow's 2019 legislative election.

Nicknamed DarkCoder, the hacker contended in a Saturday tweet that he stole information on 6 million Israeli voters, even posting a picture displaying victims' names identity numbers and addresses.

However, it's possible that the individual merely recycled information from an 11-year-old incident known as the Agron Affair, during which time Israel's population registry was stolen and publicly leaked, according to a report from Haaretz. Indeed, similar hacking claims in the past have turned out to be hoaxes that used data stolen in the Agron Affair, the news agency notes.

DarkCoder reportedly tweeted that he executed the breach as part of OpIsrael, an annual coordinated cyberattack campaign conducted by anti-Israel hacktivists.

Israel's National Cyber Directorate, Central Elections Committee and Population Authority are among the agencies investigating the claim, Haaretz states.