A company specializing in car breathalyzer technology has seemingly become an extortion target, after a hacker uploaded what appears to be internal documents and source code onto an online hacking forum, according to a report in Motherboard.

The perpetrator, who goes by the online alias ROR[RG], is the acting moderator of the Hell hacking forum, which recently resurfaced after shutting down in July 2015. A message accompanying the data dump reads “pay up…” implying that the victimized company was contacted with a ransom demand to prevent further criminal action.

The device manufacturer, LifeSafer, a division of LMG Holdings, claimed on its website that over 750,000 people have used its ignition interlock technology, with more than 70,000 devices currently installed. Its hacked documents apparently include spreadsheets, manuals, product schematics and source code, some marked confidential.

When asked if any customer information, including financials or breath sample history, would be at risk, the company said in a statement emailed to SCMagazine.com that based on its investigation "this does not include any client financial information and there is no evidence at this time that any information has been used to engage in identity theft.”

Once the company "discovered unauthorized access to certain company information" it then "launched an immediate investigation and are working closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and a leading forensics IT firm to investigate the threat and protect any information at risk."