Who is stealing your data? Well, perhaps “stealing” is an overstatement, but certainly sharing without your knowledge or consent is on target if you own a Nissan Leaf. According to an article in The Register, your Leaf is sending a lot of information back to every RSS feed you subscribe to. The actual blog has some comments and I think that Casey is still testing to find out if there is a way to track the information to the car/user.

As cars become computers and cell phones, they are going to be disclosing more and more personal information, so, if you happen to be driving one of the fancy new-fangled cars with all the bells and whistles… remember, your cyberthief is riding shotgun.

Oh yeah, and while we are on the subject of telltale cars, you might want to disable your navigation system. It appears that back in April, TomTom apologized for selling traffic data that the police in the Netherlands used to set up speed traps.

At least if you want to find a speed trap, you don't have to tell your GPS what you are looking for. It will lead you right to it, or lead them to you… whatever.