Much like corporate tax rates, cybersecurity needs a minimum global standard

September 7, 2021
Today’s columnist, Peter Oggel of Irdeto, says the same way U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has advocated for a minimum corporate tax worldwide, so should the cybersecurity community push for a global minimum cyber standard. (Photo by Greg Nash -Pool/Getty Images)
  • Basic IT hygiene, designed around asset management, zero-trust architecture and advanced threat detection.
  • Regular, mandatory security training for all employees because far too many hacks occur because of social engineering.
  • Basic OT hygiene, including network security, such as anomaly network detection given that there’s usually legacy devices that are not designed for the current security paradigm, adequate asset management; and adequate security lifecycle for new devices being rolled. Ultimately, moving to a zero- trust model can avoid many of the issues we have now.
  • Software and hardware management and delivery ubiquity. For example, we need to deliver on a Software Bill of Materials, signing software to validate the source, and implementing software security technologies such that it’s not possible to modify, attack, or repurpose.
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