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3. ExtraHop Customer Interview – Ben Budge, Lyle Beck – ESW #173


Ben Budge
System Administrator III at Litehouse Foods

Ben is currently the Systems Administrator for Litehouse foods a 100% employee owned company, which is the #1 brand in refrigerated salad dressings in the United States and Canada. Prior to Litehouse, Ben’s career has spanned more than fifteen years in the IT field with an emphasis on compute, storage, and virtualization systems.

Lyle Beck
Technology Manager at Litehouse, Inc

Lyle has been employed at Litehouse for over 23 years, 19 of those years being in the IT field holding various positions, beginning at helpdesk and growing into the current position where he has managed the telecommunications, server, and network infrastructures for the last nine years. He has also taken on responsibility for the Litehouse information security program. In that time, Litehouse has grown from a single manufacturing site with a couple of IT staff to four manufacturing sites and a Corporate headquarters with over twenty members in IT.


Executive Director at Guardedrisk
Chief Product Officer at CyberSaint