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CFH #3 – Brian Haugli

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1. Matchmaking vCISOs with Companies in Need: Seeking Compatibility – Brian Haugli – CFH #3


Brian Haugli
Brian Haugli
CEO & Founder at SideChannel

Brian Haugli is the CEO of SideChannel. Brian has been driving security programs for two decades and brings a true practitioner’s approach to the industry. He creates a more realistic way to address information security and data protection issues for organizations. He has led programs for the DoD, Pentagon, Intelligence Community, Fortune 500, and many others. Brian is a renowned speaker and expert on NIST guidance, threat intelligence implementations, and strategic organizational initiatives.


Bradley Barth
Bradley Barth
Director of Multimedia Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance
Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris
Principal Consultant at Morris Management Partners

2. MSSPs Need Workers Too: Landing the Right Person for the Job – CFH #3