MSP = More Security Please? The state of Managed Service Providers – Raffael Marty – ESW #307

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Raffael Marty
General Manager Cybersecurity at ConnectWise

Raffael Marty is EVP and General Manager of Cybersecurity Management at ConnectWise. As part of the executive leadership team, he carries the responsibility for all aspects of the cybersecurity business. His executive track record brings over 25 years in the cybersecurity industry to ConnectWise; from the development of innovative cyber approaches for the intelligence community to leading big data analytics and artificial intelligence projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Marty has been in critical roles at prominent cyber companies and is an investor and advisor. Before ConnectWise, Marty was head of research and intelligence at Forcepoint, leading the development of novel approaches to solving the cybersecurity challenges for governments and intelligence agencies across the globe. At Sophos, Marty ran security analytics and oversaw the big data strategy, which he helped pioneer as the founder of analytics companies PixlCloud, and Loggly, the first cloud-based log management solution. Additionally, Marty held key roles at IBM Research, ArcSight, and Splunk, developing solutions for Fortune 500 organizations.

Marty is one of the industry’s most respected cybersecurity data analytics, big data, and visualization authorities. He is the author of Applied Security Visualization and the “Security Data Lake” and a frequent speaker at global academic and industry events.


Principal Researcher at The Defenders Initiative
Product Marketer and Content Strategist
VP, Cyber Angel Investor and Advisor at 90 Degree Ventures