Going Passwordless: Preparing Your Clients for a Credentials-Free Future – Christine Owen – CFH #24

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Christine Owen
Director at Guidehouse

Christine C. Owen is a recovering attorney who found solace as the Zero Trust Lead at Guidehouse. She is interested in securing people, things, applications, devices, and the cloud taking an identity-centric approach. Christine oversees and manages client engagements to provide enterprise IAM and Zero Trust solutions.

Christine learned IAM principles while consulting for an IAM program that encompassed the entire Federal government. She then moved into a sandbox, teaching First Responders how to secure their systems; her work resulted in the ICAM Educational Series, published on the DHS S&T website. In her downtime, Christine enjoys bourbon, her grumpy Westie, and chatting about IAM with anyone who will listen.


Director of Multimedia Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance