Tanium for Incidents: How the Best Defense Gets Better: Part 2 – Stephanie Aceves – ESW #236

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Stephanie Aceves
Senior Director, Threat Response SME Lead at Tanium

Stephanie is a Senior Director and the Threat Response SME Lead at Tanium. In this role, she works closely with devs, product management, engineers and customers to use Tanium for their security needs. Prior to Tanium, she was a part of EY’s Cyber Threat Management, both on the Incident Response and Red Team/Vulnerability Identification teams. Before leaving EY to work for Tanium, Stephanie led red team (ethical hacking) engagements for clients in a wide range of industries. She has obtained GIAC certifications for both forensic examination and penetration testing.

Stephanie is a proud Latina and has made it a personal mission to help minorities be unapologetically themselves in tech. She has awarded an annual scholarship to Latinas pursuing an education in STEM for the last 5 years in an effort to pay forward the support she’s received over the years. She believes that anyone with a desire to work in cyber security should have access to the resources they need to make that possible. She meets with aspiring cyber professionals regularly to continue investing in future generations.


Principal Researcher at The Defenders Initiative
Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium
VP Traceable.ai, Cyber Angel Investor and Advisor at 90 Degree Ventures