When distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks took down Sony's Play Station Network, not once, but twice in 2014, speculation rose that the company had been hit by a Layer 3 attack that overwhelmed the defensive measures it had in place. Last year, we also saw DDoS incidents, such as the “Dark Seoul” attacks on Korean banks, which appear to have been staged to distract defender attention away from criminally-motivated data and resource theft. We are sure to see DDoS attacks continue to be the norm. 

Corporations need to brace themselves to effectively identify and mitigate these threats so that the organization's overall mission is sustained. They are brutal, in-your-face power invasions designed to overwhelm servers and bring networked systems down without any nuance or surreptitiousness. This latest ebook explores the newest iterations of this scourge and how best to defend against them.

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