Cybersecurity startup Blink Ops announced that it has launched Blink Copilot, a software that develops no-code workflows for security and IT operations using generative AI, enabling cybersecurity professionals to automate security workflows using simple text prompts, VentureBeat reports. Blink Copilot employs several large language models, including Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google Bard, and OpenAI, that are integrated with the company's own collection of security and infrastructure workflows as well as third party security integrations, according to Blink Ops cofounder and CEO Gil Barak. Blink Ops said the new platform features support for cloud or on-premises environments, the ability to serve multiple users and role-based permissions. The product is being touted as a way to mitigate the burden on teams amid the cybersecurity professional shortage and to enable speedier creation of automated security workflows. During a recent demo, I asked Blink Copilot to generate a workflow that monitors for new vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure, automatically looks up the relevant engineers that can fix them and assigns a ServiceNow ticket with a due date of 48 hours, Barak said.