Businesses need to include the FBI as they develop their cybersecurity plans, at the very least letting the government know when a breach occurs, said FBI Director James Comey at the 2016 Symantec's Government Symposium.

Most private sector organizations first turn to an independent security company when hit with a cyberattack and not the FBI, Comey said, adding “And that is a very big problem,” Fedscoop reported. The FBI needs to be in the loop in order to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice, he said.

Comey also went into the on-going encryption debate, according to the The Daily Dot, accusing Silicon Valley firms of overstating the danger of putting end-to-end encryption on devices.

"Either they don't see the costs, or they're not being fair minded about the costs," Comey said. "And that's a bit depressing,” he said.