Cryptocurrency platform Solana has confirmed being breached, which has led to the theft of more than $5.2 million in digital coins as estimated by blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, reports CNBC. While the reason behind the ongoing breach continues to be a mystery, Solana may have been compromised due to a certain wallet software vulnerability, rather than a flaw in the Solana blockchain, according to Elliptic Chief Scientist Tom Robinson. The Solana vulnerability is also being probed by Phantom, which noted that it was not directly related to the issue. Meanwhile, various wallets across different platforms were found by blockchain audit company Ottersec to be impacted by the hack, which may have been caused by a compromised private key. Solana Status, which provides updates for the cryptocurrency platform, urged users to leverage hardware wallets that have not been hit by the breach. "Do not reuse your seed phrase on a hardware wallet - create a new seed phrase. Wallets drained should be treated as compromised, and abandoned," said Solana Status in a tweet. The attack on Solana follows a day after Nomad had been subjected to a $200 million hack.