Security Boulevard reports that Alkira has partnered with Fortinet to integrate its cloud service with Fortinet firewalls, which can be managed through the FortiManager platform as part of a unified control pane. Alkira says the integration allows users to manage multiple cloud networks, all protected by Fortinets firewalls, and set networking and security configurations from a single control pane using individual frameworks provided by their vendors or an instance of Terraform, an open-source tool. This means IT teams will no longer be required to deploy agent software on every one of their cloud services to enable integration with the Alkiraservice, according to Ahmed Datoo, chief marketing officer for Alkira. As a result, IT teams will no longer be burdened with fragmenting members into smaller groups focused on individual management tools, which also raises IT costs for the enterprise. According to Datoo, Alkira unifies the provisioning and management of multiple cloud networks, helping to reduce IT costs and giving teams the flexibility to pick which platform to use to accomplish each specific goal.