Network security providers Appgate and Illumio unveiled a  a network security and breach prevention solution designed for hybrid infrastructures and applications, according to SDxCentral. The new offering integrates Appgate SDP, a zero trust network access solution, with Illumio Core, a zero trust segmentation solution, allowing enterprises adapt access policies in real-time to changes in the application environment. As workloads change within Illumio, Appgate SDP automatically detects adjustments to update the correct level of user access without requiring user action. According to the company announcement, this prevents security teams from having to rewrite rules as IP addresses change, ultimately saving time and resources. The solution is also capable of creating micro segmentation barriers, which helps reduce levels of workload-to-workload interconnectivity by allowing security teams to not have to rewrite permission rules with every change in IP addresses or during applications transition from development to production. Illumio Vice President of Business Development John Skinner says that ZTS complements ZTNA, which contains breaches before they access certain areas of the network, by preventing breaches from spreading across the network once they get inside.