Illumio has launched CloudSecure, a cloud security tool that provides real-time agentless visibility and simplifies creation of workload policies, according to SDxCentral. Illumio Chief Technology Officer and co-founder PJ Kirner said the product works by collecting metadata and flow telemetry from people’s public cloud accounts. “Once we’ve collected all that metadata and flow telemetry, we help people build a map of their environment like we do with the Illumio Core product,” Kirner said. The product works together with Illumio’s original offering, the agent-based segmentation platform Illumio Core, which allows automated implementation of security policies across various environments, from on-premises to multi- and hybrid cloud. CloudSecure analyzes users’ public cloud resources and provides recommendations for native security controls, as well as implements these controls using infrastructures as code, Kirner said. It also provides continuous monitoring of cloud environments and automatically creates and recommends zero-trust policies. CloudSecure is currently compatible with Amazon Web Services environments and is set to support Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure in 2022.