Okta said it is expanding its offerings to include privileged access and identity governance solutions, both of which are scheduled for general release sometime in the first quarter of 2022, according to TechCrunch. The company, which has gained consumer confidence through its identity access management product, is looking to privileged access to provide its users with on-demand access to critical administrative services for a limited number of employees. Okta CEO Todd McKinnon says the feature adds new layers of security for companies’ sensitive accounts, including limiting access to specific time windows and enabling the recording of each session to create an audit trail whenever the system is accessed. Meanwhile, identity governance gives security personnel the ability to hunt for identity-related issues and create detailed reports, McKinnon said. He revealed that these new additions as well as the company’s recent $6.5 billion purchase of Auth0, are building up to Okta’s overarching goal of creating the “identity cloud,” explaining that “whether it’s customer identity with zero trust or whether it’s doing more on the workforce identity with not just access, but privileged access and identity governance. It’s about identity evolving in this primary cloud.”