Eighty-five percent of organizations around the world are poised to have 6.5% higher data protection spending this year, which is higher than other IT spending gains, amid the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks, SiliconAngle reports. Despite the expected increase in data protection budgets, manual processes continued to be the primary means of data recovery during attacks for 30% of organizations, while 52% relied on scripts, both of which are lacking in speed and reliability, according to a report from Veeam. Moreover, orchestrated workflow capabilities were present in only 18% of organizations even though such skills are most valuable in ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery following a cyberattack. The report also revealed that organizations had 39% of their production data encrypted following a significant ransomware attack, only 55% of which have been recovered, indicating the need for better recovery plans. However, 57% reported possible or definite backup solution replacements this year.