BleepingComputer reports that Semikron, a German power engineering component manufacturer with production sites in the U.S. and other parts of the world, has been impacted by a ransomware attack that prompted partial IT network encryption. Data has been claimed to be stolen by a "professional hacker group," which has already threatened Semikron into paying the demanded ransom so that the allegedly stolen data would not be exposed, an alert from the German Federal Office for Information Security revealed. An encrypted Semikron system was found by BleepingComputer to have a ransom note from the LV Ransomware operation, which claimed to steal 2TB worth of files. Semikron has already notified law enforcement regarding the incident, with customers and partners to be updated on any data theft evidence to be identified. "At the same time, we are working on restoring the working ability to minimize disruptions for our employees, customers, and contractual partners and to ensure the best possible security of our IT systems," said Semikron.