After conducting a study to analyze cyber security threats impacting businesses in Sweden, FireEye and KPMG found that 93 percent of organizations it monitored were breached.

Published Wednesday (PDF), the study noted that “breached” organizations were those where call-back traffic between malware and command-and-control hubs was detected. Fourteen organizations (deemed a "representative sample of the Swedish business landscape" due to their vertical and size) were monitored in June for the study, the report said. The firms had around 5,000 employees on average.

In a blog post summarizing the findings, FireEye also revealed that all of the organizations were exposed to infection attempts. Furthermore, 49 percent of the malware detected on firms' networks was unknown, the post said.

On average, organizations experienced 43 security incidents a day. Within a 24-hour period, firms' networks were also subjected to two, new infected hosts on average.