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CISO Stories is a monthly program featuring a series of content powered by the 1,000+ members
of CyberRisk Alliance’s CISO Community. Each month, CISO Stories features a topic selected by
CyberRisk Alliance’s CISO Community and will feature four weeks of content that explores the
topic from a variety of perspectives and in a variety of different formats published here.

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Cloud Security Resources


A CISOs Guide to Effective Security Practices in Cloud Computing Environments

Join us for key insights and tools to help your organization effectively address security requirements in cloud computing environments.

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How CISOs Adjust Security to the SaaS Transformation

The embrace of SaaS and operating in multi-cloud environments creates an expansive and dynamic attack surface, making it difficult for security teams to maintain visibility into and understand risk levels.

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Cloud Confluence: The Highs and Lows of Cloud Security

In this report, we present findings from CRA’s latest research on cloud security and its implications for companies managing the migration.

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Cloud security still a challenge as 1 in 4 companies cite skills gap

Just about every industry today depends on the cloud to get work done, and because most companies depend on Amazon, Google and Microsoft’s cloud services, any disruption of…

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General Motors uses cloud identity and open authentication standards to secure its customers at scale

Trustworthy, secure identity services are now the gold standard for customer satisfaction. Token-based authentication and secure cloud APIs offer stronger, more simplified UX for all users: remote employees, on-site staff and customers.

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SSE vs. SASE: What’s the difference?

Many organizations would like to move to converged cloud-security solutions such as secure access service edge (SASE) and security service edge (SSE).

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