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OT Security Resources


A CISO’s Guide to Effective Operational Technology (OT) Security Practices

In this CISO Stories webinar, panelists share their experiences dealing with the security of OT in their organizations.

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Securing Complex OT Environments

This panel discussion will dive into OT security strategy best practices and challenges

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The state of OT security: Narrowing the gap

The security of operational technology systems is generally years behind IT security, but government and industry are taking steps to close the deficit.

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Operational technology security best practices

Don’t expect the government to come charging to the rescue if your factory, power plant or rail yard is hit by a cyberattack. Instead, harden your systems against an attack before it happens, and train your staff to properly respond when the attack comes.

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Going from defense to offense against China’s Volt Typhoon APT group

What do the Super Bowl and cybersecurity have in common? To win the big games, teams need both offense and defense. On Jan. 31, the U.S. Government did just that when…

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Ransomware dominates OT security incidents

Operational technology security incidents impacted 46% of organizations around the world during the past year, with ransomware accounting for nearly…

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